Artist spotlight: Krissy Teegerstrom says “Suit Yourself”

Teegerstrom’s work is the result of “visions” that have led to her own gallery showcases, selling art to Urban Outfitters, and designing for Phoebe Bridgers’s team.

Krissy Teegerstrom stands in front of her body of work at Yard Dog Gallery, with a few people enjoying the work behind her.

Teegerstrom’s work is highly personal, and often represents “a fragment” of herself in each piece.

Photo provided by Krissy Tegerstrom

For local artist Krissy Teegerstrom, art has always been a matter of intuition.

A UT graduate and self-taught creator, Teegerstrom has been honing her unique style since she was a child.

Teegerstrom said her art comes to her in recurring “visions” that she follows — using secondhand materials — until the product matches the idea in her head. Her work has been featured at Urban Outfitters, she’s designed for Phoebe Bridgers, and painted a mural for the legendary Continental Club.

A gif of one of Krissy Teegerstrom's capes, plus two sequined paintings.

Teegerstrom plans to show one of her other bodies of work, titled “I Was Already Everything,” in Austin when she finds the right gallery.

Photos by George Brainard

Her most recent collection, “Suit Yourself,” is heavily textile-based + made up of one-of-a-kind capes and sequined “paintings” with cheeky sayings like “You Were Wrong About Me.”

“Each cape represents a fragment of myself that I reclaimed through therapy,” Teegerstrom said.

You can peruse her current collection on Yard Dog Art Gallery’s website, where it was shown late last year. (City Editor Figi here — my favorite is the Trueheart Cape.)

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