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Meet the Austin mom focused on sustainable recycling

Nora Pirsch, a new mom, shares her routine for sustainable recycling that you should consider implementing in your household this year.

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Don’t worry about your waste — sustainably reuse and recycle your stuff with Ridwell.

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Nora Pirsch, a new mom in Central Austin, is on a mission to lead a sustainable lifestyle and instill eco-friendly values in her daughter. As we step into 2024, Nora is sharing her top sustainability tip in hopes of paving the path for a greener year for our community.

Nora and her partner prioritize reducing plastic in daily routines, opting for eco-conscious choices like bar soap and shampoo, and repurposing containers for cleaning products. Despite efforts, single-use plastics are hard to avoid. As someone who appreciates a good snack, Nora wasn’t ready to give up plastic-packaged chips.

Determined to bridge the recycling gap, Nora discovered Ridwell, a Seattle-based recycling start-up that originated as a father-son project with CEO Ryan Metzger and his son, Owen, trying to recycle batteries.

Today, Ridwell is integral to Nora’s family routine, offering doorstep pickup services for items like plastic film and multi-layer plastics (chip bags, snack wrappers) not recycled by regular curbside programs. Bonus: It also saves Nora’s household a trip to Austin’s Reuse and Recycle Center.

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Ridwell makes recycling so easy that you don’t even have to take your bin to the curb — they’ll pick it up at your front door.

Photo provided by Ridwell

Ridwell’s collection extends beyond plastics, including batteries, light bulbs, clothes, and more. The company partners with 200+ local and regional businesses, like Austin Creative Reuse, ensuring responsible reuse or recycling of collected items. Another way Ridwell keeps plastic out of landfills is through its partnership with HydroBlox — a company that repurposes multi-layer plastic into construction materials.

Nora knows her small actions are making a difference and encourages the community to embrace this solution to send less waste to landfills.

For an effortless way to be more sustainable in 2024 and promote recycling in Austin, become a Ridwell member. Austinites can join for as little as $14 a month, significantly reducing household waste. Pro tip: Join Ridwell in January and get your first month free.

Start your sustainable journey.


Which items would you like Ridwell to recycle for you? We’re curious.