What to do, eat, and see in Holly

Did you know Holly was once named the No. 24 coolest neighborhood in the world?

A trail running alongside Lady Bird Lake, with trees in the distance and shrubbery in the foreground.

Follow the trail from Metz Neighborhood Park for a leisurely walk alongside Lady Bird Lake.

Screenshot via Google Maps

ATX, y’all really know your way around the city.

We recently asked you to identify one Austin neighborhood based entirely on a map — with the landmarks blanked out.

Not only were ~45% of you able to identify the neighborhood correctly as Holly, but you were also able to name quite a few of the businesses missing from the map.

Shout out to reader Lori H., who identified eight businesses, becoming our winner for this game by far. Readers Sarah C., Denisse M., Glenn D., and MAP share our second-place slot, with three correct identifications.

A map of the Holly neighborhood, flashing the names of landmarks on and off

We were impressed by how many Holly landmarks and businesses y’all were able to name.

Gif by ATXtoday

Now, let’s learn a bit more about Holly.

The neighborhood has been largely residential since the early 1900s, and many of the older homes in Holly have been owned by the same people for decades.

Of course, new construction wasn’t far behind. Once ranked as the No. 24 coolest neighborhood in the world, Holly is rapidly gaining in popularity, in part due to its thriving food scene and access to Lady Bird Lake.

Today, the median home value in Holly is ~$470,000, with rent costing an average of $1,664 monthly. Most residents are between 25 and 44 years old, and earn a median household income of $88,426.

Want to check out the neighborhood for yourself? Here are a few spots we recommend:

    A plate of barbecue on a wooden table

    One thing’s for sure — you won’t be hungry when you go home from la Barbecue.

    Photo by @vale.mont86

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