Sick heritage Red Oak tree to find a new life inside Indeed Tower

Arborists removed the 150-year-old tree this month due to a fungus and tree rot.

A tall Red Oak tree towers in the park outside Indeed Tower, with a glowing star installation in the foreground.

The 150-year-old, 50-ft-tall Red Oak tree will be repurposed into art and furniture and displayed inside Indeed Tower.

Photo courtesy Rebecca Rios

A sick, 150-year-old heritage Red Oak tree Downtown will soon have a new life.

The 50-ft-tall tree towered over the park outside of Indeed Tower for decades, but in a recent assessment, arborists noticed the tree had contracted significant fungus and rot. For public safety, the great giant needed to be removed.

Bartlett Tree Experts carefully removed the tree earlier this month and sent it to Berdoll Sawmill in Cedar Creek. There, the old beauty will be repurposed into art and custom furnishings, to be displayed inside Indeed Tower as a tribute to its former life.

The case rings familiar with a similar tree loss earlier this year when Flo, a ~100-year-old leaning pecan tree, was removed from Barton Springs due to a fungus that posed a risk to visitors.

Indeed Tower owner Kilroy Realty is working to plant a new tree, with hopes it will grow into the same stately fixture as the Red Oak.

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