Inaugural Fridge Fest opens its door in Austin

“Just the essentials” meme page @dudefridges is taking the memes out of the internet and into the streets with the first-ever Fridge Fest.


What began as a humble meme account is now a festival, which owner Dillon Shipper hopes to make an annual event.

Graphic via @dudefridges

What’s in your fridge? Local meme page @dudefridges wants to know.

The local Instagram page curates the funny, shocking, and sometimes pretty gross things people keep in their refrigerators. Anyone around the globe can submit a picture of their own fridge or original meme.

With 31,400 followers and counting, Dillon Shipper — a UT Austin alumnus and the face behind the account — is ready to take his creative outlet to the next level.

Enter Fridge Festival.

The Fridge Fest graphic

The one-night only event is all included in the ticket price.

Graphic via @dudefridges

Refrigerator lovers and festival fanatics alike can participate in the inaugural festival — which takes place from 8 p.m.-12 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 19 at Seller’s Underground — for $25 each.


This “Shredded Cheese” tank top is just one of the original T-shirt designs festival-goers will be able to purchase.

Graphic via @dudefridges

Here’s what you can expect:

We’ll see you there.