How much of Austin have you experienced?

Tally up your Austin experience score based on how many landmarks, music venues, and festivals you have visited since living in the Capital City.

The Austin skyline, as seen from the shore of Lady Bird Lake

Test yourself with our Austin bucket list.

Photo by ATXtoday

Be honest — how much of Austin have you really experienced?

We asked our readers which local place they thought every Austinite should visit. Most common answers included Barton Springs, Mount Bonnell, the Texas Capitol, and the Ann Richards Congress Avenue Bridge during bat season.

Now, we’re asking you how many of those Austin landmarks, venues, and festivals you’ve checked off your Austin bucket list.

Have you lived all over the city? Have you seen music in all the venues around town? Are you a connoisseur of Austin’s many landmarks? Take this quiz, and we’ll tell you what percentage of Austin you’ve experienced.

The Paramount Sign, slowly lighting up one letter at a time.

Signmakers were able to recreate the sign’s animation using a video of Lyndon B. Johnson parading down Congress Avenue.

Gif by ATXtoday

Before you start checking boxes away, know that getting a perfect score on this list is very unlikely. We suggest using it as a road map for exploring the Capital City.

Once you’ve checked off the list, use our music venues guide, landmarks guide, and festival guide to fill out the rest of your bubbles. Without further ado, let’s get cracking.

Take the quiz.

Editor’s note: While we know Austin’s history and culture involves dozens of beloved venues that have since closed, this list only includes venues that were operating at the time of publication.

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