Adopt-a-Street in Austin

Did you know about this city program?


You’ll know if a street is adopted by a little green or blue sign.

Photo by Keep Austin Beautiful

Does litter really bug you? Because true Austinites Don’t Mess with Texas.

Local Adopt-a-Street or Adopt-a-Highway programs are committed to keeping roadways litter-free by organizing frequent clean-ups. Here’s how to get involved.

Adopt-a-Street partners are given cleaning supplies and guidance from Keep Austin Beautiful. To apply, groups must:

  • Adopt a segment of at least half a mile within Austin city limits for two years.
  • Organize at least four clean-ups per year and submit reports.
  • Pay an annual fee ranging from $100-$1,500, depending on the group’s size.
  • Assemble a volunteer group, as individuals are not eligible to adopt a street.
  • Apply here.

Anyone, including individuals, can adopt a highway for free. Participants must:

  • Adopt a two-mile stretch of non-Interstate highway for at least two years.
  • Agree to pick up litter quarterly, or more in high-traffic areas.
  • Apply here.
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