What your zip code says about you in Austin, TX

Austin skyline
Austin’s downtown core area is largely defined as metro renters. | Photo by @fromthe_states

Curious if you’re a trendsetter or a savvy suburbanite?

Discover what your neighborhood trends say about you with Esri’s interactive Tapestry map. The tech company analyzes zip code data to define the characteristics of individuals in neighborhoods using a process called segmentation.

How it works

This tool sorts areas into 67 unique categories, or segments, based on demographics and socioeconomic characteristics such as age, income + population.

Users can input zip codes or click around the map to explore segments that best describe a particular area. Typically, the results show the top three segments that define a neighborhood.

You’ll discover groups like urban chic (professionals living “sophisticated, exclusive lifestyles”) and the young and restless (young, educated workers employed in professional or technical occupations).

Austin’s tapestry

  • The city’s downtown core residents are largely defined as metro renters (residents who live alone or with a roommate in apartment buildings and condos) + laptops and lattes (mostly single, well-educated professionals in business, finance, legal, and tech fields).
  • For the 78704 zip code in the South Congress area, ~34% of residents are considered young and restless well-educated tech or sales professionals who like to shop and try new products, with a median age of 29 years old
  • In Round Rock,  the 78665 zip code indicates 44% of residents are classified as up and coming families and 28% are labeled boomburbs.
  • The 78702 zip code that makes up Central East Austin is considered mostly emerald city, and residents are shown as young and mobile, purchase eco-friendly products, and earn a median household income of $54,000.

Outside of the segmentation tool, you can do a deeper dive into trending habits based on zip code, right down to shopping preferences + credit card debt.

Check out the map and let us know if the tool has your ATX neighborhood personality and lifestyle pegged.