10 Austin mocktails to try for Dry January

A cocktail on a table at Easy Tiger Austin
Easy Tiger also offers the Beach Weather and Matcha Margarita mocktails. | Photo via @easytigeratx

If your resolution is to participate in Dry January, you’re halfway there and doing great.

The popular month-long challenge requires abstaining from alcohol in order to refocus on health and try out a sober lifestyle. But if you’re (understandably) tired of ordering iced tea or cranberry juice at Friday happy hour, we’re here to save the day. 

Here are 10 mocktails to order around Austin that are so great, you just might order them in February, too. 

A cocktail being held up in front of the front of Olamaie
This cocktail includes Austin-distilled Slow Luck zero-proof spirits. | Photo via @olamaieaustin

For date night

Easy Tiger | Hot Not Toddy

This mix of black tea, honey syrup, lemon, and spice mix is the perfect warm + festive drink for a chilly day. (Pro tip: Also try the Matcha Margarita and Beach Weather)

Olamaie Austin | The Lucky You

Savor this mix of Austin-distilled Slow Luck zero-proof spirits, watermelon juice, sparkling water, and lime.

The Roosevelt Room | The Castaway

A blend of mint, cucumber, and cream of coconut perfectly pairs with lime, ginger beer, and sweetgrass tincture in this visually appealing drink. 

The mocktails at Armadillo den
Mocktails at Armadillo Den are buy one, get one free for January and February. | Photo via @armadilloden

For a meetup with friends

Armadillo Den | Frescadillo Paloma

The perfect pairing for an afternoon outside, this mocktail incorporates pink + white grapefruit, guava, lime juice, and sea salt. (Pro tip: Throughout January and February, buy one mocktail and get one free.)

Punchbowl Social | Chef’s Cup

Before you hit the lanes, grab a Chef’s Cup with muddled lemon, strawberry, and honey ginger syrup.

Yard Bar | Burnt Orange Blast

Sip on this blast with Seedlip citrus non-alcoholic spirits, vanilla syrup, orange juice, and soda, or try one of their other fruity mocktails. (Pro tip: Bring your furry friends with you — this spot has a dog park on site.)

An organic matcha on a table at Hillside Farmacy
An Organic Matcha from Hillside Farmacy is the perfect way to start your morning. | Photo via @hillside_farmacy

For brunch

Hillside Farmacy | Organic Matcha

While not exactly a mocktail, this colorful drink at the hip eastside spot will bring a little extra oomph to your morning.   

The Peacock | Strawberry-Balsamic Shrub

The brunch at this Mediterranean restaurant is a must-try, and what better drink to pair it with than a tasty non-alcoholic shrub? (Pro tip: Also try the Mediterranean Mint Lemonade.)

Non-alcoholic bourbon being poured into a glass on a bar.
Women-owned, non-alcoholic brand Kentucky 75 is based in Austin and sold in stores across the city. | Photo via @drinkspiritless

For nights at home

If you’re avoiding the bars right now, don’t worry —  there are plenty of Austin-based, non-alcoholic spirits to help you mix your own delicious mocktail at home. Here are a few on our radar.

Spiritless Kentucky 74 

This non-alcoholic spirit is the perfect replacement for bourbon drinks. The women-owned + award-winning company is from Kentucky, but moved its headquarters to Austin last year.

Buy it at:

  • Central Market
  • AB Liquor
  • Everest Liquor

Order it at:

  • Joann’s Fine Foods
  • The Well
  • Commodore Perry

Slow Luck Non-Alcoholic Spirits 

Produced in Austin by service industry professionals, Slow Luck non-alcoholic spirits are hand-bottled and gluten-free.

Order it at:

  • Firehouse Lounge
  • Midnight Cowboy
  • Canje